Stake & Unstake

Stake xcKSM and receive stKSM while staking



You will receive
0.0 stKSM
Exchange rate
1 xcKSM ≈ 1 stKSM
MOVR balance
0.0 MOVR
0.0 xcKSM
Transaction cost
≈ 0.0035 MOVR
Reward fee

Lido statistics

Annual percentage rate
Total staked with Lido
stKSM market cap
Rewards paid


What is Lido on Kusama?

Lido on Kusama is a liquid staking solution for KSM backed by industry-leading staking providers.

Lido lets users earn KSM staking rewards without needing to maintain infrastructure and enables them to trade staked positions, as well as participate in on-chain decentralized finance with their staked assets.

Lido on Kusama gives you:

  • Liquidity through tokenization — no activation delays and the ability to sell your staked tokens or use them as collateral in decentralized finance;
  • One-click staking — no complicated steps;
  • Decentralized security — assets spread across the industry’s leading validators chosen by the Lido DAO.